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Our Attorneys Know And Understand Montana Real Estate

Commercial and residential real property transactions can be complex and expensive, but profitable. And the purchase or sale of any piece of property is never an easy process. To receive full value from real estate property, you need a complete understanding of what you can do and how to do it.

The real estate attorneys at Goodrich & Reely, PLLC, are here to help you. They help clients in Billings, Missoula and across Montana secure the real estate deals they need. Our lawyers are extremely knowledgeable about this area of law. They answer calls promptly and give you the answers you need to your questions.

Legal Issues That Can Arise With Real Estate

Our real estate attorneys take pride in raising issues that our clients may not be aware of. Those buying a home or a commercial property often think the legal side is complete once the sale is final. That is not necessarily true, especially in such matters as:

  • Easements: With commercial or residential property, an easement through a neighbor’s property is sometimes needed to gain full use of the property. Easement disputes can be very contentious.
  • Construction defects: These are mistakes in the construction of property. Defects can go unnoticed and then suddenly cause problems. Resolving defects can be complicated.
  • Eminent domain: When the government wants to claim a portion of or all your property, you need an experienced lawyer who can protect your interests.
  • Trespassing: What can you do when others use your property without permission? Do you have any recourse?

No matter what concerns you have about your real estate, our attorneys at Goodrich & Reely, PLLC, can answer your questions.

Dedicated, Effective And Local

At Goodrich & Reely, PLLC, ours lawyers are proud Montanans. We find solutions for our clients’ challenging legal issues. We strive to help our clients achieve their goals. Contact us by phone at 406-256-3663 or send us an email to schedule a meeting with our real estate team.